Leaf-waterAre You Ready for a Change in the New Year?

Every year at this time people set out to tackle their New Years resolutions. Many determine that this year will be the year that will be different. They want to live healthier, have more energy, lose some weight, and get rid of those food cravings that seem to keep them stuck. Only to find that three months into the New Year they are no farther along in achieving their goals than the year before.

Is this your year to get serious about CHANGE? Yes, I MEAN CHANGE….

Change is one of those words many of us don’t like to hear or embrace. There is an old adage that says, ”Insanity is continuing to do the same things over and over expecting a different outcome.” Change requires us to ACT and THINK differently to achieve our desired outcome.

Are you serious about losing weight, increasing your energy, or living healthier? Or maybe you are an athlete or athlete “want to be”, but don’t know where to start to achieve your goals?

Change is going to require you to take simple small steps that are consistent over time, not only in your actions but in your thoughts for you to see the results that you desire. It isn’t unusual for us to start the process by making some simple changes but it doesn’t take long for our “self talk” (what you tell yourself in your thoughts) to get the best of us and talk us right out of what we are attempting to achieve. If real change is to occur, you must have an unwavering, non-negotiable desire and commitment to persist no matter what challenges come your way. Certain steps must happen to enable you to achieve the results you are looking for.

#1. Have an unwavering, non-negotiable desire! If you desire to lose weight then you must commit to sticking to the program that you choose even when it gets tough. Obstacles will come to test your resolve as you set out to change a lifestyle habit or attempt to achieve a personal goal. These tests cause you to see what you are made of. Tests or obstacles need to be broken through, not retreated from. We do not change as individuals unless we grow personally through the issues that cause us to retreat.

#2. Commitment is everything! Don’t allow yourself to say, “Just this one time!” In the beginning of anything NEW that you do, that ONE TIME may be just the thing that takes you off course for good. So in the beginning you need to have an unwavering commitment to stick to the plan. Diligently stand guard to the thoughts going through your mind that could easily sway you from choosing the right foods to eat or going out for that morning run when it is dark and cold.

#3. Persistently follow the plan. As a Health Coach, I have found that the people who remain persistent to the plan are the ones in the long run who see the results that they set out to achieve. Now, that does not mean that they will never fall off the plan, instead it is what they do when they stumble that is the key to their success. Those that talk to a trusted friend or a health coach will come up with alternative solutions when they are tempted to eat something not on the plan or fail to exercise when “life” gets in the way. They also get right back on track and do not let a stumble change their commitment. These are the people that win. They learn how to replace those negative thoughts or choices with positive ones. It is not enough to RESIST. One must REPLACE!

I hope you are ready to make REAL, LONG LASTING changes this year.

If so, stay tune!