In a more fulfilling future.

Seeing beyond your present circumstances.

That better days are ahead.

The impossible things are possible.

In healing through mind, body and spirit.

In Health as a condition and ability to accomplish your God given purpose

George and Judi Moore have a unique story centered around their health crisis that began 12 years ago when George was diagnosed with a rare, one is million cancer that required an 18-hour surgery resulting in the loss of 5 major organs. This led them on difficult journey of treatment and recovery for George to regain his health. In this effort Judi knew that they could not only rely on the traditional forms of treatment such as surgery and chemo but also a willingness to consider alternative forms of treatment along with making healthy lifestyle changes.

In this process Judi found her passion for helping others who may be facing a health crisis or simply desiring to live a healthier lifestyle. As result she has become a certified health coach and formed her own business known a Moore Healthy Living.

Being a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach (AADP), Certified Fitness Instructor and former USS Swim Coach, Judi now coach’s clients on how to make healthy lifestyle changes from the inside out by addressing the areas of their faith/belief systems, diet through low-glycemic eating, fitness-exercise, and nutritional supplementation. This combination allows her to create a unique program tailored for anyone seeking a healthier life.

George recently has been able to retire after 33 years in Real Estate Management and Development and now supports Judi in her business to encourage others seeking to improve their health.

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YOU are the key to your success!

“If you want to change the way you look, how you feel or how you perform on your job or in your athletic endeavors, you need to change YOU! You are the key factor to your success.

I help clients create healthy vibrant lifestyles through nutrition that feeds their cells, moderate exercise, and a mindset of faith that focuses on pure, lovely and good thoughts.”

~ Judi Moore

Judi Moore of Moore Healthy Living

Judi Moore

Certified Health and Nutrition Coach (AADP)

Having a unique background in fitness and nutrition as well as personal experience with a life-threatening illness, Judi offers hope and encouragement to those who don’t know where to start when trying to regain or boost their health.

Being a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach (AADP) from the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, Judi coaches clients on how to make lifestyle changes by addressing the areas of belief systems, low-glycemic eating, nutritional supplementation, and exercise. This combination allows her to create a unique program for anyone seeking a healthier life.

Passionate about health coaching, nutrition, and fitness, Judi loves to work with her clients by addressing their “self-talk” which can greatly improve their outcomes and the healthy lifestyles they are seeking.

George Moore


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